Who We Are

We are a software development company with 18 years of international experience specialized in building custom business software and integrating multiple software systems into a single ecosystem.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help start-ups and ISVs realize their software product ideas safely and efficiently with high ROI; we aim to assist companies in optimizing their daily operation and making the best of their previous investments with our practical custom software solutions. Additionally, we aid our channel partners in extending the reach of their software products.

Our Approach

Our Solutions

Whenever it’s possible, we don’t tailor our bespoke software solutions from scratch. We build on our diverse experience and extensive code libraries in breadth of domains, with working solutions being used by clients in India, USA, Israel, Japan, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, Australia, and Hungary. This translates to cost- and time-effective approaches while we also keep quality in focus. This means that we use our expertise to give our Clients what they actually need, no less, no fluff.


Our Methodology

Learn about our development methodology.


Our Services

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Our Team

Meet the Viswambara team.

Why us

Why Us?

Our strengths and expertise.

Our History

Our History

How the company has grown since 2002.

Our Methodology

As no single methodology is panacea, we utilize a hybrid of essential methodologies, applying steps and principles in varying depth to each project, based on the merits and the client’s needs.
Our methodology is an iterative process flanked by upfront and hand-off steps. It incorporates five elements: essential formalism, adaptive rapid development, clear time-to-market goals, unforgiving QA, and integration with other systems.
If one is a stickler for labels, we can say that our process is akin to an Éclair, with a Scrummy core supported by upfront Analysis & Design and essential DevOps, topped with robust QA and unmissed deadlines.

How can you benefit from
contacting us?

Development as a Subscription


Software Development for Independent Software Vendors

If you plan to develop a business software that can be sold as a product, our DaaS (Development as a Subscription) packages are designed for you.

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Racu Framework


Custom Software Development for Companies

Cost- and time-effective custom solutions that plug into your ecosystem. We analyse the workflow of your organization to discover the points that can be improved, so we can find and build you the most suitable program.

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Channel Marketing Partnership for Software Product Owners

Reach new markets for your software product without upfront investment with our sales and marketing partnership.

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Our Team

Knowledge and Experience

We have an innovative team of full-stack and specialist developers, designers, and data researchers creating Progressive Web Apps, WinForms, Web Forms, MVC apps, Core 2.0 projects with React, pure API solutions and many more. They strengthen our skill-pool with experience in a wide range of programming languages, technologies, and tools such as Microsoft .NET, Azure App Services, IoT Hub, MEAN and LAMP variants, C#, VB.NET, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

The list goes on and it’s constantly growing as we pay special attention to furthering our team members’ education and development. We provide constant technical and language training opportunities, and we’ve sponsored master’s degrees financially and with mentorship from our leader board.

The Leader Board and Our Offices

Our core team has 80 combined person-years of technology leadership, amidst perennially-changing technologies from the time of 8-bit consoles to machine-learning systems. They bring on board insight in a large breadth of solution domains including 30+ years of banking and foreign exchange experience, while contributing to our projects with special solutions such as “polyglot persistence”.

Our core development team is in Chennai, India, but we also have offices in Hungary, the USA and the UK to ensure smooth communication, project management and customer support for our clients worldwide.

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Why Us?



Our transparent processes ensure constant information flow and knowledge transfer to our customers. It means that you can disengage from us as easily as you engage with us. The experience guarantees that you want to work with us, even if you don’t need to.

Breadth of domains

Breadth of Domains

We have experience in telecom network planning, custom ERP, banking compliance, search engines, ecommerce integrations, shipping solutions, fleet optimization, and many more.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy

Being in business for fifteen years, we understand that maintenance of code and intellectual property requires great care and confidentiality. We take it very seriously.

Honest Guidance

Honest Guidance

You hire us to guide you well, and to provide you with the best possible solution. If your approach isn’t beneficial to your product, we’ll tell you so.

Time- and cost-efficiency

Time- and Cost-efficiency

Bespoke solution does not necessarily mean software development from scratch. A smarter approach is connecting the right building blocks and shaping them to meet our customers’ needs. Our ability to choose, form, and combine the right building blocks, aided by our diverse experience keeps our services time- and cost-efficient, and helps our customers stay ahead of their competitors.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

With us, you know what you pay for. Our packages make estimations easy and clear; no hidden expenses.

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Share your development goals with us. And we will discuss with you how to reach them.
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