Since 1949, “World Urbanism Day” is held on November 8 thanks to Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the University of Buenos Aires. The date also known as “World Town Planning Day” is devoted to promoting urban planning and design to create a more livable place for the growing population.

Figures show the urgency of turning towards sustainable cities, which can be achieved through conscious planning. According to the statistics of Smart City Hub, 55 percent of the global population leaves in city, and this number is expected to grow to 70 percent by 2050. In the meantime, urban areas cover merely the 4 percent of the land surface, but use 67 percent of energy and produce 70 percent of the greenhouse gases.

To create a livable and preservable environment in the overcrowded areas, planning and management were needed to be taken to the next level. Internet of Things has helped to take the next step, and achieve a new precision in management and monitoring. The smart city era has arrived in urban planning.

To celebrate “World Urbanism Day”, we collected some of the project of the pioneering smart cities worldwide. See our infographic for more.

Some of the most remarakble smart city project from around the world

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